The Carmelite friars of Vancouver Region joined at Carmel Hill Monastery, Deroche Mission, B.C, fortheir annual retreat on the theme, “Learning and Living in Prayer and Grace according to the teaching of our Holy Parents” from August 10th (Monday) till 13th (Thursday). Participation was limited due to the restrictions strictly observed by British Columbia Provincial health Authorises due to the COVID -19 pandemic.

Fr Rudolf V. D’Souza’s OCD, the retreat preacher led the group helping the friars to reflect on how as a Carmelite, one can develop a deeper contemplative spirit, experience God’s presence and see God’s everlasting love and mercy in religious life, in Mission and in everyday life. Instructing expansively on the teachings of our Holy Parents, he raised our thoughts on how the soul is led to experience of God, and with Christian hope how we broaden our faith by opening all our senses and spirit to prayer and to experience the beauty of God’s Presence and Grace. The retreat will enable us to face successfully and faithfully the challenges of life around us. Fr Rudolf, Fr. John Alex Pinto, Fr. Steny Mascarenhas, Fr. Alex Braganza took turns to celebrate Holy Eucharist and Fr. Rajesh Madtha, Fr. Victor Fernandes, Fr. Cannio Cardoza conducted the Vespers and Adoration each day.

It was a good time for the fairs to experience a strong feeling of fellowship and Carmelite fraternity, while we enjoyed each day a variety of delicious cooking and time spent in community sharing and caring, thus rebuilding our fraternal Carmelite spirit, after months of isolation due to COVID -19.

We thank Fr Rudolf, for accepting generously to lead the retreat, which was very well appreciated. We wholeheartedly thank Fr John Alex Pinto for planning and coordinating this entire retreat, Fr. Alex Braganza, the Superior and Fr. Rajesh Madtha (Carmel Hill, Monastery) for organising it and Fr. Steny Mascarenhas, Fr. Victor Fernandes, Fr. Cannio Cardoza for their support, participation and assistance.

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