“And Mary’s boy child Jesus Christ was born on Christmas day...”

The feast every Christian household looks forward to, a day that marks a renewal in Christian life and an occasion that binds all the children of the most high is Christmas. After intense spiritual preparation and completing the humongous tasks of preparing huge Choir bound, Santa themed star and the Crib based on the Ascent of Mount Carmel, the fathers and brothers prepared themselves to celebrate the incarnation of our Lord on the 24th of December at 9: 30 PM in our beautifully illumined Shrine. Melodious carols were sung by the brothers during this time. The mass which began at 10:00 PM was presided over by Fr. Oswald Crasta who preached a meaningful homily based on the symbols we use in Christmas like the star, gifts, tree etc.

This year, the community decided to celebrate Christmas differently with the sole intention that the lay faithful should also participate fully in this feast. Hence a creative representation of the nativity of Jesus was presented by the brothers after the penitential rite. Subsequent to the celebration of the mass, people were entertained with variety of games like Tambola (Housie- Housie) and Lucky star of Pushpashrama. Prizes were also distributed to best star and Christmas tree which were displayed in the shrine campus. The faithful also shared Christmas joy by savoring coffee and cake after the mass.

After greeting the people, the fathers and brothers gathered in the refectory and as one family and wished each other. Kuswar was relished along with the sip of the home made wine prepared by Fr. John. The feast also put a solemn end to the three days of house caroling, wherein brothers with guitars, tambourines and cymbals spread the Christmas message and also invited them to the Sadbhavana day.

On the 25th of December, English mass was held at 8: 00 AM which was celebrated by Fr. Pradeep Pinto. Cake was distributed after the mass and people went home after appreciating the meaning and beauty of the Crib and the Star.

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