Jesus is the sole reason for our happiness and what better opportunity can we avail than celebrating the birth of the reason for the season. Well Christmas is here, and so is the festivity, grandeur and pomp. However amidst all these paraphernalia, Jesus become the only reason for the season and to celebrate His incarnate birth, the community of Pushpashrama left no stone unturned. A crib was prepared with the theme ‘Where’s my Christmas?’ to highlight what is the outcome of our celebration of the same. Delicious Kuswar was prepared and a beautiful postmodern mega-star also illumined in the shrine premises. The shrine was decked with Christmas stars and ornaments and Pushpashrama just looked all ready to welcome the birth of Christ. And thus, the vigil mass was held at 10:00 PM preluded with melodious carol singing by the brothers. The shrine saw an overwhelming crowd of faithful who joined for the celebration. The mass was celebrated by Fr. John Lobo and Fr. Oswald Crasta preached a homily on how Christmas anticipates our Lord’s Supper and death. After the mass, the results of the star and crib competition were announced along with felicitating gifts who contributed their mite for the betterment of the orphans. Following this, games were conducted the mass while refreshments were distributed to the people. After this, the community gathered in the refectory to exchange the season’s greetings while relishing the tasty homemade Kuswar. Christmas mass was also celebrated on the 25th of December at 8:00 am which was celebrated by Fr. Rector.

In the evening as it has been a tradition of Pushpashrama, the community organized Sadbhavana day – a day of celebration of Christmas with our non-Christian brethren on 25th December at 4:30 PM. The day included numerous dances, songs and celebration. Fr. Rector welcomed the gathering and brothers compered the event. Refreshments were distributed to all the people gathered there.

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