The Golden Jubilee of Fr. Lawrence @ Pushpashrama

Life is one among the many gifts, grains of sand very soon it starts to drift! But wait, Just wait! Before it seems too late, rejoice and sing and with joy celebrate! Fifty long years may seem too long for most of them. But if one asks Fr. Lawrence, he would gladly say it all went in a jiffy. Having celebrated the golden jubilee of his religious profession clubbed with his birthday, the community of Pushpashrama was humbly obliged to celebrate the same with great pomp and gaiety. But every celebration is preceded with the celebration with the Lord. Therefore on 23rd January, the whole community along the faithful prayed for Fr. Rector and implored on him the heavenly blessings through the holy Eucharist. At 11:30 AM, the guests arrived from the vicinity, convents and friaries to join in the celebration of the Jubilee. Fr. Oswald welcomed the gathering. After this, a small prayer service was organised. Brothers put up various acts such as dance, joke, skit, musical piece, singing etc. Fr. Joe Tauro, the close companion of Fr. Rector wished him with sweet words. Also Fr. Lawrence spoke out his heart regarding how he thanks God for all the grace he has received as a religious, priest and most of all as a Carmelite. After the celebration, Fr. Alphonse Britto prayed the grace over the meals and sumptuous food was served for all!
Ad Multos annos Padre Laurencio!!!

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