The final day of the triduum of the feast of Infant Jesus, Pushpashrama resonated the message of seeking the ‘signs of holiness’ based on the encyclical of Pope Francis ‘Gaudate et Exultate’. There were three masses on this day; 6: 45 am, by Fr. Pradeep Pinto in English, 5: 30 pm by Fr. Anthony Mani MOC in Tamil and 6: 30 pm by Fr. Maria Xavier in Kannada. A large number of people had gathered for the Kannada mass and the special attraction were the tiny tots who occupied the first benches close to the Lord. This day was also dedicated to the children and thus after the Kannada mass, special prayers were conducted for the well being of the children and their future.

All the devotees who had gathered were anointed with the holy oil of Infant Jesus and also Annasantarpane was served to all the faithful. As the feast is fast approaching, we saw the joy in the faces of these people who are preparing themselves to inherit the abundant blessings of Infant Jesus. May the miraculous Infant Jesus bless them abundantly and grant their heart’s desires!


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