Children’s Day at Pushpashrama

An anonymous writer once wrote, “The last place you’ll find innocence in the earth will be in children’s faces”.

Children truly are like beautiful flowers who will add charm to any occasion. Our Community of Pushpashrama with great love to the tiny tots, organised a day for these children at our shrine on 19th of the month of November. The mass which was held at 5:30 PM was officiated by Fr. Pradeep Pinto along with other community fathers. The entire liturgy which included symbolic offering to God, thanksgiving prayer and so on was animated by the kids around our shrine at Pushpashrama. The angelic choir was of the children of St. Anne’s boarding which was conducted by our brothers along with the liturgy. Fr. Pradeep’s homily was directed to these children to whom he asked few biblical questions and gifted those who answered right.

After the mass, the children were asked to gather in the auditorium where they displayed their talents by singing and dancing. Brothers also conducted few games and performed a dance to conclude the event. Along with the refreshments, children were also presented few gifts which included a piggy bank, through which they were encouraged to save money and return the amount next year which will be forwarded to a noble cause.

Thus the event which concluded around 8-00 PM brought smiles in the faces of all those who participated in the Children’s day. The children went home with great joy finding great difficulty to say ‘bye’ to the fathers and the brothers of Pushpashrama.

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